Wooden windows

Our wooden windows are a natural product. The wood is protected against weathering with a multiple layer of surface treatment. If weather-resistance is a major requirement then the installation of our high-quality wood-aluminum windows is to be recommended. These benefit from the positive properties of both materials: with wood providing a comfortable living atmosphere inside and permanent weather-resistance outside due to durable aluminum profiles.

Our Surface treatment check- helps you to choose the right window in the planning stage .

Wooden window with a difference

Already in 1989 we discovered that the mortise and tenon corner joints commonly used by most window manufacturers offered room for improvement to gain greater stability. In those days the untreated wooden parts were glued together to make the frame, which was then undercoated, given intermediate sanding and then given its final finish with a manual spray gun. This was an elaborate process involving considerable manual labour and prone to faults. Based on these observations we developed a new type of window with markedly improved corner joints - an absolute worldwide landmark in window technology. At the same time we automated the manufacturing process by adapting the paint coating technologies employed in the automobile industry to suit our window production. After a test phase lasting only 3 years, we were able to start serial production of technically fully developed windows.

The corner joint counts

By using dowels and screw connections our windows offer highly stable corner joints. Practice has shown these corner joints to be more durable than by using conventional techniques. Yet another advantage of our production is the application of an additional layer of paint on the moisture-sensitive cross-grained parts. Every window that leaves our factory offers high material stability and durability.

Overview on well-designed Schillinger wooden window systems

IV 68 mm - the classic
Our natural wooden window, proven for decades and continuously developed further, offers optimal thermal and sound insulation values. The solid sills and the aluminum profiles guarantee both a high degree of weather-resistance and durability of the materials. Wood thickness of frame and leaf: 68 mm. IV83 mm -the sophisticated variant. Our new development for demanding architectural and technical requirements is the IV83 window. Triple glazing with excellent thermal insulating properties fits perfectly into the frame without requiring silicone seams. A triple sealing system ensures optimal thermal and sound protection. Our very own window technology enables us to make windows up to 280 cm with attractive and narrow wooden profiles. Wood thickness of frame and leaf: 83 mm. IV 100 mm - the first class window. Our first class window IV 100 meets maximum design and technical requirements. With window heights up to 300 cm and its narrow profiles it is highly popular for modern industrial buildings as well as for exclusive private homes. Technologically advanced glazing provides an overall Uw value of 0.79 W/m2K and thus meets the high passive house standard. Wood thickness of frame and leaf: 100 mm.