Wood, glass, fittings

To make a valuable product you need top-class materials. At Schillinger we do not believe in compromises. Years of cooperation with renown suppliers confirm this without a doubt.

  Wood is a natural material, the basis for our products. The selection of woods for our quality windows is reserved for management.

  Our strong partners for wood:


With glass as a material there are practically no limits for the design of facades. Glass makes living transparent. Glass protects against cold and noise, burglars and even fire. If we have raised your interest, please visit the homepages of our partners for glass. They can provide you with information firsthand.


Imagine your windows are made from select wood with modern glazing and, of course you also want to open the windows and enjoy nature in your home. Here we can offer you a wide variety of fittings:

Turn-tilt fittings
loft doors
parallel sliding tilt doors
Safety fittings
fittings with opening control
alarm system controls

Lift & slide doors
swing leaves

Fittings for front doors
skylight opening systems
door locks

Motor drives for windows

Jalousie window fittings

Security fittings for houses