Wood-bronze window novelties

ERMETIC 5000/S bronze antique

The special brass alloy used for making profiles does not require surface treatment for weather protection. The naturally occurring film is the best and most durable form of protection and lasts forever. Burnishing speeds up this natural process. It forms a uniform surface and gives a "bronze antique" look. The corner joins are welded.

ERMETIC 5000/S bronze burnished

Bronze is a valuable and resistant material. Bronze profiles ensure excellent durability and their timeless design is ideal for the restoration of protected buildings. The corner joins are welded.

ERMETIC 5000/S bronze rustique

The frames are treated after welding and cleaning. The application of a special substance results in a chemical reaction and allows the bronze to age artificially. This gives a surface which resembles old bronze statues and copper roofs. The corner joins are welded.