Wood-aluminum windows "Threeglass"

The wood-aluminum window "Threeglas" combines numerous functions in a single window system. The side facing the room is fitted with a thermal insulation glass panel, comparable to a normal window. The outside consists of a single glass panel in an aluminum frame, which can be opened easily via 2 fasteners and rotated. This forms a gap between the outer panel and the thermal insulating panel on the inside, into which a jalousette is fitted. The jalousette can be operated via a crank handle or an electrical motor, whereby the motor can be connected to a BUS control. This system has decisive advantages:

  • roller shutter are no longer required, the jalousette provides both privacy and anti-dazzle protection, thermal bridges are avoided. .
  • Ideal for computer work stations, as the incidence of light can be controlled precisely .
  • Excellent sound and thermal insulation due to 3 panels and considerable intermediate air space.
  • Jalousette is protected against dirt and damage by the glass panels.
  • Jalousette is easy to service and repair as only the outer aluminum frame needs to be opened.
  • The wood-aluminum system is absolutely weather-resistant.
  • Extremely economical, as standard jalousettes can be used.

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