Designing facades ...

Opening elements can be integrated functionally into the mullion-transom facade to design the facade. The design options are considerable.

  • Pivot or pivot-tilt casements
  • tilt casements
  • folding casements opening outwards
  • double-hung casements
  • swing casements
  • rotating casements
  • horizontal sliding casements
  • parallel slide-tilt casements
  • vertical sliding casements
  • lift and slide doors
  • emergency exits
  • front doors
  • jalousie wings
  • ventilation flaps
  • panels with enameled glass backing
  • screen-printed panels
  • Wooden panels
  • panels with facade sheeting

glass corners and glass abutments give facades a light and delicate look.


Wood is wonderful ...

mullion-transom facades made from select woods. The facade can be designed to match the stylish interior. The choice of available types of wood is large. In addition to solid wood the facade can be made of wood materials such as Multiplex or SVL wood. The wooden parts can be coated in all common stains. Our natural effect stains make the most of natural wood. The wood can be oiled or treated with thin stain layers. The facade can also be given a covering paint layer. The outer aluminum cladding can be stove-enameled in all RAL, Sikkens, NCS or DB colors or anodized as per color chart.


Wood, aluminum and glass ...

are the materials we use for our mullion-transom facades. Careful planning and attention to details which precisely meet the intentions of architects and principals, that is the way we approach your facade. Many types of select woods are specially processed for your facade. We can also make special profiles according to your requirements. There are virtually no limits to your design requirements. High-precision machines with CNC technology ensure that your facade will be exact to the last millimeter Checked corner and joint connections are essential to provide the facade design according to your specifications. The individual parts of the facade are coated on our advanced surface treatment equipment. Then the parts are assembled. As many parts as possible are assembled in our factory. System and connecting profiles as well as opening elements are pre-assembled. The opening elements such as wooden or wood-aluminum windows are also manufactured by us. We leave nothing to chance, our installation engineers are specialists. The mounting systems need to be anchored in the building shell according to the static data provided. Our crane transports the facade elements to the building site. Detailed planning in the factory is then implemented by meticulous installation. Schillinger provides all these services as a single source.


Strong partners ...

tend to find each other; which is why Schillinger work together with a leading system supplier of facades, RAICO Bautechnik GmbH in Pfaffenhofen, a guarantor for innovative facade systems. RAICO are certified by the federal authorities in Berlin to handle construction supervision..


Plus points

  • Passive house facade certified by Passivhaus- Institute Dr. Feist with Uwindow < 0.8 W/(m²K)
  • Structural Glazing SG-facade
  • single glazing
  • polygon facade in G 30
  • fire protection facade in G 30
  • burglary protection in WK2 and WK3
  • conservatories available in numerous designs with system accessories
  • considerable design options for facades, conservatories and glass roofs
  • system widths 50 mm, 56 mm and 76 mm for all wooden profiles from 50 mm upwards
  • glass thicknesses from 6 - 52 mm
  • glass panel weights up to 450 kg allow for large dimensioning of glass panels
  • burglary protection in WK2 and WK3
  • conservatories available in numerous designs with system accessories

At Schillinger

there are virtually no limits to the design of your facade. .You can design the shape of the interior supporting structure according to your wishes. The outer wooden batten is new in our product portfolio. . This allows for a perfect wooden facade For these outer battens we use weather-resistant types of wood such as:

  • robinia
  • douglas fir
  • larch