The new Roto Patio Life

Patio Life makes life easier. And safer.
Patio Life gives the word lift & slide door a new definition. The new sliding mechanism for wood and wood-aluminum profiles saves your customers the effort required to lift doors. Large lift & slide elements made of wood or plastic can now be managed easily with weights up to 300 kg per door leaf.

  The clincher: all sealing elements are controlled via the handle and seal the door completely. Based on this innovative technology we can offer entirely new perspectives and a new era of living. .

 Conventional fitting technology often requires considerable effort to open doors. Before the door or the window can be pushed aside, the entire leaf needs to be raised. The unique technology provided by Patio Life does away with this effort entirely..

  Instead of lifting the leaf when opening, only the seals are raised - and lowered again when closing. Directly via the handle.

  Patio Life means: split ventilation without side effects.
Hidden split ventilation. Intelligent and extremely comfortable: rotating the door handle by 180 ° opens the top seal of the sliding door thus facilitating split ventilation – and stops rain, insects or dirt from entering. A distinct product advantage for greater comfort, especially during longer absences.

  Patio Life means: living without barriers.
Trip-free is the standard. Conventional sills are a potential and dangerous source of tripping – especially for small children and elderly. persons. For wheelchair users they may even present an unsurmountable barrier.

  Roto offers the solution with Patio Life: the thermally separated floor sill of the lift & slide doors with the innovative Patio Life technology has a slight outward slope - for barrier-free living at its most pleasant. .

Patio Life means: considerable protection against burglars.
Bolting the central door overlap is controlled via the handle. This technical novelty provides maximum safety at the top and bottom edges of the leaves. Depending on the height of the doors a number of safety pins are added to make it extremely difficult for burglars to levy the doors. .

  But Patio Life has more to offer: the afore mentioned split ventilation function is invisible from the outside. Sliding doors and windows remain completely locked. And yet another plus: Patio Life can be upgraded to the magnetic monitoring system Roto MVS without difficulty. Only Roto offer this level of security.