Wood is ideal for front doors...

Front doors by Schillinger, and each door is unique. We plan and design your front door to suit your taste and to fit in with your house. Obviously you already have ideas as to what your front door should look like. Create your door as you like. We do not limit you to catalogues or specific styles. Your front door should be unique and beautiful.

Our front doors are made from wood. No other material is so convincing in terms of durability. Older city centers or protected houses often show a fantastic array of beautiful front doors, all made of wood of course.

Progress and tradition...

The latest manufacturing technology with computer-controlled CNC equipment together with traditional craftsmanship, that is our way our carpenters will create your front door.

Individual design...

We can make doors with solid wooden leaves for you, as well as doors with glass sections in whatever manner you wish. Glazing can be safety glass, ornamental glass or colored glass. Is the front door highly exposed to the weather or should it match your WOOD-ALUMINUM windows? Of course we can also make your front door in WOOD-ALUMINUM design.

Latest locking technology

 Schillinger doors are fitted with G.U. Secury Automatic locks as standard for your safety.

Doors which bolt themselves!
G.U.SECURY Automatic means security: just close the door - and without locking, the multiple bolt system with 20 mm bolts is operated automatically. Two dead bolts automatically convert to bolts and are blocked from being pushed back. A decisive technical advance in perfect security for front doors, especially in today's times...

The door is unbolted from the outside by turning the key once, and on the inside by pressing the door handle .

  Programme variants

  • G.U-Secury Automatic
  • Automatic with A-opener
  • Automatic with T-catch
  • Automatic with emergency function

The advantages

  • Considerably improved burglary protection
  • Prevents warping of doors: is always bolted

VdS-tested in accordance with Class A
Front doors with the G.U-Secury Automatic door lock are WK 2- and WK 3-certified

Front doors with the G.U-SECURY Automatic lock are VdS-tested in accordance with Class A. From an insurance point of view, doors with automatic locking with drop bolts are just as locked as are doors with conventional locks and a manually operated flat bolt. G.U-SECURY Automatic locks are proven thousandfold and recommended by the criminal police advisory council.

G.U-SECURY Automatic lock with A-opener

Automatic locking - motorized unlocking, for your security, your comfort, it is nice to be at home. The door can be opened from the inside via the intercom. From the outside the door can be opened using the latest technology.:

Touchless with
Secury Comfort

Number code with
Secury Counter

Finger print with
Secury Feeling

Just move the electronic key past the invisible transponder in the frame, and the door opens. If you lose an electronic key the key is deleted from the program and can no longer unlock the door.

By entering a four-digit code the door is unlocked, similar to a cash dispenser. You can change the code as often as you like. You do not need a key, you always have your number code with you .

Using your finger print, cannot be forged and is unique. You will never lose a key or forget your code.

All very practical, and after closing the front door it is automatically locked again. And in the case of a power failure? Of course the door can be opened as usual by using a key .

Matching accessories

Robust door sills, handles and fittings in brass, stainless steel, aluminum or chrome, maybe even a matching wooden door handle your door will be like a piece of furniture. If you want the letter box, the bell and the intercom to be integrated into your door, we can plan and design your wishes.

Valuable materials

Select woods, such as oak, pine, larch, fir or robinia are used to make your valuable front door. Valuable mahogany, cherry tree, walnut or chestnut can make your front door unique.