Modern, bright and sophisticated

Light woods are in demand. The silver fir with its matt white look fully meets the trend. and allows aesthetic timeless design. The warmth of the wood creates a comfortable living atmosphere. The silver fir retains its natural light color for years. It tends to darken less than other woods. As with other woods, silver fir can be combined extremely well with other materials. A wood free of resin.

This resin-free property makes the fir highly interesting: for interior design and furniture, but especially for windows. For many  woods thermal loading heats the window frames during the summer. The inevitable secretion of resin can thus be avoided. Silver fir wood offers major advantages here. Our predecessors used fir wood in large quantities. We are just beginning to rediscover this wood and its amazing properties.

Sustainable and environment-friendly

Silver fir: a typical tree in the Southwest. The silver fir is a distinctive part of our forest culture, and is referred to as the characteristic tree of the Black Forest. The motto "protection through use", a central concern of our nature-oriented forestation, is of special significance in the case of the silver fir. As the silver fir "went out of fashion", the fir population in the forests increased. As a result of this development the ecologically important rejuvenation process for silver fir came to a halt. Forestation allows permanent intrinsic rejuvenation of the tree population, the natural cycle is maintained. The deep root system of the silver fir ensures safety against storms and at the same time protects our soil as our major capital. And the gentle needle layer on the ground ensures intact material cycles. The silver fir is an essential ecological stabilizer. .

  We obtain the silver fir from the forests in our region. The transport distance from the forests to the regional saw mills is only 20-30 km. After sawing the silver fir is dried to a moisture content of the wood of 12%. The fir is then transported directly from the drying chambers to Oberwolfach. From the forest to production in our factory, the fir is transported for approx. 50 km. Fuel consumption per cbm of wood is approx. 0.5 liters. Other coniferous woods such as spruce or pine are imported from northern countries like Finland or Sweden. Fuel consumption per cbm of wood then lies at approx. 30 liters. For tropical woods which are transported from around the globe, fuel consumption is even higher.

 Silver fir - gold from the Black Forest. Silver fir for wood-aluminum windows: weather-resistant on the outside, natural and beautiful for room interiors. Silver fir in combination with high thermal-insulation glass. Windows can save on costs in passive houses.